Green Laser Pointer by Leadlight




This high quality green laser pointer is up to 60 times brighter than our regular red laser pointers. Its brilliant greendot can be seen though the bright light of overhead projections and PowerPoint presentations. Sometimes, at night,you can see the whole beam, making this laser pointer especially useful for pointing at stars. The beam shines hundreds of feet into the sky.* Laser pointers are not recommended for use by children under sixteen.

This laser pointer has an output of <1mw class 2, making it legal for use in the UK and Europe. Manufactured by Leadlight, it is of the highest quality. Fully CE marked and compliant with all EU and UK safety regulations this Laser is in our opinion the Best Quality Laser Available in Europe.

Includes two AAA batteries, presented in a metal superb quality gift case. Available in black, silver and shiny chrome!

*The beam of a 1mw green laser pointer is visible at night, but is not designed for ‘star pointing’. If you want to use your laser pointer for anything other than presentation applications, a high power pointer is more suitable.Please be aware thousands of people around the UK have now been convicted of pointing lasers at aircraft , some convictions have included imprisonment !


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