Wireless Presentation Controller With Laser Pointer (RF) [InfiniterLR2]




Wireless Presentation Controller With Laser Pointer (RF ) , the infiniter LR2

This model of the Wireless Presentation Controller With Laser Pointer operates over RF (radio frequency operation ). It gives you complete control for more effective presentations – even in large auditoriums and you do not even need to have a line of sight to the receiver.

Its pen-style and three-button design make it easy to use. You can even highlight key points with its built-in laser pointer and can control slides forwards and back. Laser pointers are not recommended for use by children under sixteen.

Includes one AAA batteries, presented in a gift case. Available in silver!

Key features

Cordless control for your presentations with convenient pen-style design.
Freedom to control presentations with fingertip controls.
Exceptional 15m (50-foot) range.
Built-in laser pointer (UK legal – class 2) helps highlight key presentation points.
Super bright blue led to indicate that it is working
Works on any PC; receiver plugs into the USB port.
No hassles with software – just plug & play.
Compatible with Windows 98 / 2000 / XP / Mac OS 9 / Mac OS X
Powered by one AAA battery lasting about 6 hours.